The Beginning

(from the author)

In 1967, my father scripted a short simple verse. Somehow this nine line stanza took on a life of its own–my parents’ tenth child, if you will. Since that time, each sibling has taken up its cadence and made from it their own verse, marking births and deaths, anniversaries and simple celebrations of life, until the verses and versions are enough to fill a book. However, it is the original that remains our personal family mantra. In its simplicity, it exemplifies a perfect formula for any successful relationship.

A  Bridge Between ~ the original verse

A Bridge Between ~ the original verse

A Bridge Between

A word, a laugh, a tear

A way back when

A helping hand now and then

An attentive ear to youth’s hopes and fear

A father’s yes to a child’s request

A mother’s prayer about some minor scare

A lighted candle on a birthday cake,

A joke, a smile, all these

Could make a bridge between.

written 1967 October 22 ~ Carlo A. Pola

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