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Cape Cod Times Book Notes
May 11, 2014

“A book by Dennis author Velia Pola has been selected as a finalist in the SeniorHomes.com “Best Books for Aging and Caregiving” competition, part of its Senior Living Awards. “A Bridge Between: Northern Italy Come Hell or High Water” is a memoir of Pola’s experience growing up in Sandwich in a family of nine children and of the family’s responsibility for caring for aging parents, including Vola’s father, who is now 97.”

Cape Cod Writer’s Center

The author was recently honored to speak at the Cape Cod Writers Center’s Pathways to Publications Workshop on writing a family memoir. Feedback from her appearance appears on the CCWC website.

Local press:

A Bridge Between ~ Northern Italy Come Hell or High Water has garnered recognition in the press for both style and content. View the full text of recent articles via the links included after the excerpts.

GateHouse Media:

“[As] Pola felt a deep urge to protect her father and mother from the frailties of age, she discovered within herself the first flickering of maternal protection … Anyone who has worried about or cared for aging parents will identify with this book. Flashbacks to earlier years poignantly emphasize the delicate new relationship that the journey [through northern Italy] forges between the parents and their daughters.”
~ Nicole Muller, The Register, GateHouse Media (Read the full article)

The Enterprise Newspapers:

“…snappy and humorous… As Ms.Pola writes of herself in the book: ‘what I lack in a natural tendency to nurture, I make up in spunk,’ a comical description of herself and, naturally, an accurate description of her writing.”
~ Sam Houghton, Enterprise Newspapers (Read the full article)

Dow Jones Local Media Group, The Barnstable Patriot:

“… the trip is ringed by both parents’ growing frailty and dependence on others… but it’s clear that the moments of mutual joy far outweigh the difficulties of the journey.”
~ Barbara Clark, Dow Jones Local Media Group, The Barnstable Patriot (Read the full article)

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