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Our bridge between

That we would grow up to be unique individuals: that  is what my parents always wished for their nine children. And now, in the last hours–or possibly days, should the bull moose refuse to relinquish his already tentative hold on life–we react as unique individuals to my father’s expected passing. Some question, others accept. One communicates, another withdraws. Some plan ahead, others reminisce. How different we all are.  What we have in common is that he made us who we are.

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As the saying goes

The last week has brought wind and rain, deep milky fog and powerful thunderstorms that shrouded the skies in darkness. Yes, that was the weather, but it aptly describes my moods–my life–as well. A journey of transitions: some gradual, some abrupt, none avoidable. These times they are a’changing as the saying goes.

Each morning, I find respite in that first-of-the-day walk with the dog. It may be brief, but it is precious. It is the meditation for which I don’t otherwise find the time. Bless you, my furry friend, for distracting me from my troubled thoughts. Thank you for your attention to the flowers in the yard, the bird on an overhead wire.

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Mile marker #95: reason to celebrate

If you’d asked my mother outright if she wanted a party, she would most likely have politely declined. Her face would have read, “what is there to celebrate anymore?” It isn’t easy for her: the slowing down, the fatigue, the daily aches and pains. Add to her own decay (and honestly, that is what it is, this irreversible aging process) the small degrees of loss her husband suffers every day, and it is, as both my parents remind me often, “not easy after 90.” And still, there is reason to celebrate.

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Holding strong

Holding on to a bridge between

‘A Bridge Between’ named finalist 2014 ‘Best Book for Aging & Caregiving’

A bridge Between finalist for best book on aging & caregiving

Family memoir by Cape Cod author Velia Pola selected for Senior Living Award

Dennis, MA – The memoir “A Bridge Between: Northern Italy Come Hell or High Water” earned its berth in the finals as the top selection by popular vote for “Best Books for Aging and Caregiving.” The competition sponsored by Senior Homes showcases resources relevant to seniors, caregivers and senior living professionals. The contest runs through May 14. You can support the author by voting through this link… or, of course, you can buy the book!

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