A daughter’s inspirational memoir of Italy, aging parents and the evolution of family relationships

A Bridge Between ~ Northern Italy Come Hell or High Water

A daughter’s inspirational memoir on aging parents

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What began as a family vacation to the author’s ancestral village in Emilia-Romagna quickly morphed into a journey of another sort–adult child turning caregiver to aging parents. Time changes our relationships–mother, father, sister, daughter–nothing remains the same.

From the moment in a hotel room in Venice when A BRIDGE BETWEEN first began to take shape, Velia Pola determined it was a story that needed to be told. This website is an extension of that original journey. Laugh with us, cry with us… the aging process is never ending and always changing us. It is the author’s hope that through sharing her own family’s experiences, others might strike out on an unexpected adventure, delve into their family history or advance an aged person’s quality of life. Vivere per l’oggi!. “Live for the day” is our message.

Call it what you will, A BRIDGE BETWEEN is a memoir and a travelogue but, above all, it is a love story. It is a memoir of the paths a family has taken together through life, as well as the journey yet to come, as their roles are affected by the passage of time. Too many of parents of boomers have long passed away; numerous others suffer a diminished quality of life that is, at best, difficult and, at worst, heartbreaking for both themselves and their families. A BRIDGE BETWEEN celebrates life lived to the fullest and the struggle to maintain dignity, independence and family relationships as the inevitable aging process bears down upon us all.

If you have been privileged to shared time with your parents as they age, whether you are an only child or grew up in a tangle of siblings as did the author, you might recognize yourself or your parents in these pages. This, then, is your story, too.

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