A bridge between

A Bridge Between
(Original verse written 1967 October 22 by Carlo A. Pola.   Notations by the 8th child.)

A word, a laugh, a tear
In those final hours, we gathered and chatted and smiled and  cried.

A way back when
He was there for us, always,

A helping hand now and then
and as he’d cared for us, so did we for him.

An attentive ear to youth’s hopes and fear
I spoke softly to him, stroked his hair and held his hand.

A father’s yes to a child’s request
No questions left to answer, God’s will alone would rule.

A mother’s prayer about some minor scare
We prayed for peace for him.

A lighted candle on a birthday cake,
We’ll celebrate him 

A joke, a smile, all these
And remember him

Could make a bridge between.
with love. 

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2 responses to “A bridge between

  1. Well spoken, Little Bug = The Baby Girl = #8 from #4

  2. So beautiful – every time you write, it touches my heart so much. Thank you always – for being there, for being the caregiver, for sharing your gift of words and feelings.