A Bridge Between for Book Clubs

A BRIDGE BETWEEN represents both a physical and psychological journey: the first, a tour across northern Italy; the second, the evolution of family relationships over the passage of time. On the surface the book is a travelogue, showcasing the beauty and history of the region—and, of course, the food! On another level, the narrative offers a platform for discussion of many physiological, psychological and sociological aspects of aging. The story personifies the graying of our population and the growing social scenario of baby boomers as adult children of aging parents.

The aging of America and caring for our elderly is both a heartfelt issue and a common denominator for a huge percentage of today’s population. According to the National Alliance for Caregivers (NAC), over 48-million people are currently caring for elderly charges, most commonly a parent or other relative–and the number is growing. If a boomer is not already caring for an elderly parent, then she will be in the near future or knows someone who is already serving in that capacity. A BRIDGE BETWEEN offers a real-life prospective of this experience shared by so many.

While people are living longer, it is important that we understand how they can also live well, and how the roles of family elders and adult children must adapt to change. A BRIDGE BETWEEN promotes the value of lifelong learning as a component of successful aging. It also offers a perspective on the caregiver-recipient relationship. Written from the caregiver’s viewpoint, it demonstrates the delicate balance between our elders’ desire for independence and their need for care. The memoir speaks to those not yet willing to surrender to the difficulties of aging—it creates A BRIDGE BETWEEN!

Whether your interest lies in eldercare, senior travel, intergenerational relationships, life-ling learning or even Italian cooking classes, your group will find much to share in A BRIDGE BETWEEN.

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